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Pest Service

Per Service

MD PEST PATROL can be here today - we can treat your pests, so you'll be on your way!


If you have a pest infestation give us a call.  We can provide effective, timely treatment to make sure the only guests in your home are the ones you invite!  This service covers a variety of common house pests and is backed by our customer service satisfaction guarantee.  Irradication of an active infestation usually takes 2 to 4 services, but it is ultimately dependent upon the type of pest and the level of infestation.

PLEASE NOTE:  Cockroaches, Bedbugs, Fleas, Termites, Tick and Mosquito Control, Black Widow & Brown Recluse Spiders, and Rodents ARE NOT COVERED IN THIS PLAN.

Rodent Control Service
Per Service

Mickey Mouse is cute on TV, but no one wants to see him, in real life, scurrying across the kitchen floor.  Mice and rats are scary and concerning, so if you hear the tip-toe of little rodent feet scurrying through your house, call MD PEST PATROL to eliminate them from your home today!

An active infestation usually requires 2 to 4 services, but the number of services can vary depending upon the level of infestation.

Property Inspection
Traditional house
Per Inspection

Ready to purchase a new home?  MD Pest Patrol will make sure your home is pest-free and move in ready!  We also provide wood-destroying inspect inspection reports.  If we find a pest problem, we can discuss one of our service packages to help you make your new home pest-free!

The cost of inspection will then be included into the cost of the treatment package.

No tricks or gimmicks!

Cockroach Knock-Out
Complete Treatment

Cockroaches are, by far, one of the most dangerous pests as they present a risk to the public health.  Unfortunately, if you have seen a "cockroach or two", there is already a problem.  With cockroaches, early treatment is best. 


Are cockroaches bugging you??? Have no fear! MD PEST PATROL IS HERE!!!  We have a cockroach service plan that packs a  huge punch attacking both adult roaches and their eggs.

This is a service contract that includes a total of 6 services:

  • Initial Service ($300)
    Includes a thorough inspection and treatment

  • Follow-up Treatments (5 total at $60 each)
    Scheduled weekly for 2 follow-up treatments and bi-weekly for the remaining 3 treatments

We back our Cockroach Knock-Out Service with our 90-DAY CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE.  If you see a cockroach within 90 days following completion of our service, we will come back and re-treat for FREE!!!

A Service Contract and Credit Card Payment is required with this package.

Bedbug Extermination
Complete Treatment


When it comes to ridding your home of pesky, irritating bedbugs, MD PEST PATROL offers a treatment plan that is GUARANTEED to eliminate the bedbugs and get you back to sleeping soundly.  You'll be as "snug as a bug in a rug" . . . , well, you just won't be sharing your bed with these uninvited guests!

MD PEST PATROL offers a treatment plan that is tested and proven to eliminate bedbugs in just a few painless treatments. 

This Service Package includes 4 weekly treatments.

A Service Contract and Credit Card Payment is required with this package.

Payments may be distributed into four (4) $200 installments with a valid credit card on file.

Termite Extermination
Due to the variables of both property size and
infestation, please call us
for details and a Quote TODAY!

Termites giving got you buggin'?  

Call MD PEST PATROL today to set up an inspection and termite service.  

We treat once and those pesky termites will be gone.  All termite treatments come with a 1-Year

100% Guarantee.  Should your termites come back within that period we will come back and re-treat FREE OF CHARGE.

We use chemical treatment for termites based on square footage so the cost of treatment is determined based on the size of the property.  VERY SIMPLE.  We can provide estimates over the phone so please give us a call for more details and that quote!


We won't rest until you're free of pests!
We absolutely, positively guarantee it.

Emergency Single Servie
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