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Sometimes  just knowing what has taken up residence in your home can have a comforting effect, and it also helps us prior to your appointment! While it isn't our intention to turn you into an entomologist, we do want to offer some information, tips, and pointers to help you stave off any uninvited guests.  We hope you find this section helpful!

At MD Pest Patrol, we strive to give you the best service available today.  We combine state-of-the-art chemicals, the most current practices for bug & rodent extermination, and careful thought and planning, to give an overall comprehensive service.  Simply put, a professional knows exactly what to use, in just the exact measures, to get the job done!  We guarantee it!

Some questions you may have about extermination . . .


  • A concern we are often asked about is "are these chemicals safe, and are they toxic"?

Some chemicals are less toxic than others, but if you don't use something strong enough to do the job, the pests simply won't die.  What is important to remember is this - A professional trained exterminator knows which pesticide(s) to use that will both get the job done, and keep your family and pets safe during the process.


This is why it is best to leave pest extermination to a professional!  At MD Pest Patrol we are professionally trained to know what to use, where to use it, and how it will effect the areas directly.   

  • Will I have to have my pets and children leave our home when the service is provided?

That all depends upon the type of service you need.  For instance, if you have a moderate infestation of cockroaches, there are treatments that we will use (e.g., sprays & baits) that will NOT require anyone to leave.  The smell will be faint, and unless someone in your home were to have an acute breathing issue, you can safely remain there will treatment is done.

Should you have an extremely heavy infestation of cockroaches, we may have to fog the home in order to reach all the little nooks and crannies that aren't possible with sprays.  We try and make things as easy as possible for you  - - and do it in a way that causes no inconvenience to your daily schedule.

  • Are there "green or less toxic chemicals" available should we prefer this type of service?

There are GREEN products on the market and there are definitely less toxic chemicals available, but we do not offer them.  Try and think about it this way . . .  If we used a less effective chemical to do the job, it's almost like using a garden hose and water to get rid of things you don't want in your home.  In our experience with greener or less toxic products, they work for a short period of time, and the homeowner winds up with a problem all over again.  It is our goal at MD Pest Patrol, to make SURE your problem is resolved with our proven applications.  The solution to your pest problems is trusting your professional exterminator to do the job correctly and effectively.  Part of that equation is knowing how to SAFELY apply products without harming your family and pets. 

A well-rounded solution . . .

At MD PEST PATROL, we do our best to evaluate the problems you are having, offer solutions to stop further infestation, and draft a comprehensive plan to eliminate them altogether.


Part of our job is being conscious about safety to the earth, our families that we help, and their pets too.  We aren't a company that just randomly sprays the traditional areas and then bids you farewell til the next treatment.  This kind of service simply doesn't work! 


Let us come and give you an estimate, which will allow us to further explain why we are the Company for you!

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